Bioluminescent is a United States based artist that has dedicated his life to inspiring humanity with music. His diverse and original work doesn't fit into any one box or genera. You can often hear future bass, EDM, trance, hip hop, and much more when listening to Drew Wood's work. Shows are always mixed live and no two shows are the same. Audiences who get to watch him live note that "he is in the zone and you can feel his love of the music". With everything he produces you can hear the detail, talent and creativity put with care into each song. Bioluminescent's music reminds us to follow our passion without limits!




Kentucky-based artist Drew Wood is Bioluminescent, and his tracks are quite intriguing, with plenty of catchy hooks and sonic surprises. “Eyes Wide Open,” for example, establishes an engaging, hooky groove before he uses his DJ skills to deploy an array of cool sounds, such as synth tones that clap and quack prominently. The artist gets a deep dance groove going in “Algorhythms,” whose keyboard flourishes add the right amount of flash. We also love the jet engine whine that accents this track. Darker in its vibe is “Easy,” which melds an array of unusual textures that are at first jarring but ultimately engaging once the hook comes clearly into focus. This is a composer with daring imagination. Read article HERE. 


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Sound Production Services

Welcome to Bioluminescent Production services!

My name is Drew Wood and I’ve been editing and producing music for 10+ years with artists and other clients all over the world. I’ve released tracks on 8+ record labels and have been a musician most of my life. Music is my passion, and sound is my talent. I look forward to working together!


Best Regards,

Drew Wood


Free 15 minute initial phone consultation.

Hourly Standard Rate - $35 - See discount scales for services below. 

If you spend over $100 (3+ hours of work) for my combined services, you can get a discounted rate!


Services -

  • Intros and Outros for Podcasts, Commercials, Lectures, Events, etc.

  • Co-Producing - Collaborations & Features

  • Audio Editing (corrections such as pops, “um’s”, coughs, clearing throat, amping, declicking, audio enhancements, etc.)

  • Film Scores and Television Audio

  • Video Game Soundtracks

  • Exclusive beats and full instrumentals (sold separately)

  • Sample Packs Available!


Audio Mixing/Production Services

The creation of a track of audio using pre-recorded sounds.


Rates are based on the number of songs to be mixed and the number of audio tracks per song. Whole project rates are negotiable. For projects over 50 hours there is a 25% deposit due at contract signing.


Music Mastering Services are also provided and may be combined with mixing services for discounted rates. Mastering helps to create a fine finish to an audio track for a more professional sound.


Audio Editing Services

This service is good for Intros and Outros for Podcasts, Commercials, Lectures, Events, etc. Get a better quality sound for long term use and commercial appeal. Get rid of or minimize pops, “um’s”, coughs, clearing throat, amping, declicking,add  audio enhancements, etc. Make it easier for your final product to be enjoyable!


  • Small projects- Less than 3 files/tracks, no more than 3 hours of editing time.

  • Large projects- 3+ files/tracks may be combined for discounted rates.


Rates are based on total minutes of audio provided for editing, depth of issues that need to be addressed and total hourly rate dedicated to the project.

Audio Mastering Services

Mastering helps to create a fine finish to an audio track for a more professional sound. May be combined with mixing services for discounted rates.


Add Ons - $3 Per Track

  • Metadata imprinting services available

  • Multiple file type export beyond a 16b wav (mp3, aac, ac3, aiff, flac, m4a, wma)


If you spend over $100 (3+ hours of work) for my combined services, you can get a discounted rate!



Email - bioluminescentmusic@gmail.com

Phone - 360-556-7364


Discount Scales - Download Scales Here

Examples of Combined Service Packages


  • Small Project - You have a 30 minute podcast with a few small flaws and you want it mastered for commercial use. Perhaps it takes about 2 hours to finish, so your project would fit the standard rate of $35 an hour. Your final cost is $70 for your fully finished quality podcast.


  • Medium Project - You have about 3 hours of audio that you need edited from a webinar event that you want to make into a professional audio for sale on your website. In the audio there are some “ums” and coughs that need to be removed. The guest audio isn’t as clear as the host’s. So, this audio would probably need both Audio Editing Services and Mastering. Because these services are combined, it will take longer per hour to finish the final product. The more time it takes, the more of a discounted rate you get. Perhaps it took 6 hours to finalize the track for commercial use. You would receive a $30 discount for 6 hours totaling $180 (original value $210).


  • Large Project - You’re ready to get your album finalized for sale! You’ve got 12 songs with up to 12 audio files per song. You want each sound to be as perfect as possible with balance, smoothness, and quality dynamics. You also want the final songs to sound balanced as a whole, requiring a good final master. These songs need both Mixing Services and Mastering Services. Each song would cost $60 each for Mixing and $25 per song to Master. Perhaps the total project took 36 hours, about 3 hours per song with all combined services. With the discounted rate of $25 per hour, the whole album only costs you $900. The total cost for an album like this would be $1260 without the discounted rate. You save $360!